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About Our CEO

Al Kitlica has held important quality management positions in industry including responsibility for a 200-person Quality Operations Group for the one billion dollar, Strategic Electronics Division of Motorola, Scottsdale, Arizona. This facility was a MIL Q 9858A certified facility and the first national Malcolm Baldrige Award recipient (1988). This facility was a key subcontractor for the U.S. government on projects such as: The NASA Space Shuttle Program, The Voyager Space Satellite, The Galileo Space Probe, Venus Radar Mapper, Fleet SatCom, The Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and Strategic Defense Initiative programs such as Brilliant Pebbles.

In addition to his quality management experience with Motorola, Mr. Kitlica was a Technical Service Section Manager with Johnson & Johnson in the healthcare field. While with J&J, he led the effort to implement real time feedback systems integrating SPC and advanced logic control systems, resulting in verifiable cost improvements in excess of $6 million annually ($20 million/year inflation adjusted).

In the past thirty years, Mr. Kitlica has been directly involved with over seven hundred customer, supplier and government audits including: seven national-level Quality System Reviews (QSR's) for Motorola, sixty government audits with the National Security Agency, two Air Force audits (AFPRO), the Malcolm Baldrige process, the NASA Quality Award process, forty F&DA product audits to GMP 21 cfr 820 and over four hundred ISO 9000, QS-9000 or TS 16949 quality system audits. These audits were in response to requirements such as: MIL Q9858A, GMP 820/860, ISO 9001/9002, ISO 13485, TS 16949, AS9100 or Baldrige criteria. Further, Mr. Kitlica was a voting member on the U.S. TAG 176 National Committee from 1991-1993. This technical committee interfaces with ANSI, RAB, the ISO and U.S. commerce to rewrite, refine and improve the ISO-9000 Standards.

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