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Please, before leaving our website, be cautious of any competitor of QAIs that might "guarantee" ISO certification or issue lofty claims such as: "100% of our clients were ISO registered on the first audit" or "we assure ISO registration in five months". Why?
There is no "magic pill" for accomplishing ISO. In most cases, the success of ISO registration lies with the management of the organization being audited and its commitment to quality, commitment to the ISO program and its willingness to fund adequate resources for the process. Further, in the TS 16949 arena, it is uncommon for companies to become certified on the first audit. Improving your quality system should be the true goal, not being ISO approved on the first audit.

ISO compliance essentially means that Management Review, Document Control, Records Control, Corrective Action and Internal Audit processes are in place and clearly functioning well. Customer Satisfaction must be monitored and continuously improved upon.

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