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A Strategic Plan is, by definition, an operational plan. In and of itself, it does not define end results, only activities to be undertaken. Vision-driven strategic planning allows stakeholders to collaboratively define where "there" is for their organization and focuses strategic planning on achieving a specific result, i.e., creating the organization's future. Why not fill out our Quick EZ Request Form now?

In most organizations today Strategic Planning, its purpose, linkages and implementation, is often misunderstood and seldom effectively utilized as a key system-level tool. This retreat is a highly collaborative, interactive workshop that actively enrolls each stakeholder as a willing owner of the vision and plan. Its real purpose is to engage each stakeholder in proactively creating the organizations future as opposed to reactively inheriting it.


  • Aligned, interlocking job activities
  • Enhanced job meaning at all levels
  • Greater productivity and profitability
  • Only value-added activities are undertaken
  • Well-developed Resource Plans become key inputs to Budgets
  • Budgets directly reflect short and long term organizational goals and activities
  • Conflict is reduced and morale is increased
  • Stakeholders increase responsibility and accountability for results
  • Aligns the organization and its people, resources, systems and processes

Please contact us concerning these value-added workshops:
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  • Strategic Planning - A Corporate Retreat
  • Foundation for Executive Teamwork Seminar: a senior management alignment intervention
  • Team Building
  • Building Trust
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Win-Win Human Relations
  • Change Management
  • Vision: managing for commitment
  • The Manager as Coach & Counselor
  • Management Style and Employee Work Behavior
  • Personal Change Management
  • Developing Corporate Ethics
  • Creating Your Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission: a brief explanation of the organizations day-to-day purpose
  • Vision: what the organization wishes “to become”
  • Strategic Plan: the 3- to 5-year plan to the project level that, when completed, is a vision realized
  • Philosophy: identification of the values and belief system that drive individual behaviors in the organization
  • Resource Planning Tools: Structured methods to create inputs for budgets


  • Budgets
  • Organizational structure and alignment
  • Performance contracts
  • Quality action teams
  • Information systems

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